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Energy Technologies

Micro Grid and Distributed Power Systems


In many respects, microgrids are smaller versions of the traditional power grid. Like current electrical grids, they consist of power generation, distribution, and controls such as voltage regulation and switch gears. However, microgrids differ from traditional electrical grids by providing a closer proximity between power generation and power use, resulting in efficiency.


• Provides power quality, reliability, and security for end users and operators of the grid

• Enhances the integration of distributed and renewable energy sources

• Cost competitive and efficient

• Enables smart grid technology integration

• Locally controlled power quality

• Minimize carbon footprint & green house gas emissions by maximizing clean local energy    generation

• Increased customer (end-use) participation




Bio Energy


Currently, food industry byproducts are not being handled cost-effectively or in an environmentally friendly way. Our system converts industrial food and agricultural waste into clean-burning, pipeline-grade, renewable natural gas, known as “green gas.” Good for the economy, the environment, and the industries it supports, “green gas” is a renewable, domestic energy source.


HOW WE DO IT - Methane is the primary element in natural gas, which is used to heat homes and fuel automobiles. Commonly, the source of this fuel is fossil-based. Our process, based on proven commercial technologies, takes organic waste streams and essentially speeds up Mother Nature’sprocess to create methane. We capture the methane and sell it as a renewable fuel.





Pipeline Power Tube


Pipeline Power Tube is a provider of renewable energy systems that enable industrial, municipal and agricultural facilities to produce clean, reliable, low-cost electricity from their gravity-fed water pipelines and effluent streams. Pipeline Power Tube recovers otherwise untapped energy in the form of excess head pressure in large, gravity-fed pipelines and converts that energy into clean, renewable power – without affecting operations. Pipeline Power Tube can be installed anywhere upstream of a pressure-transient zone in a gravity-fed pipeline. This provides several advantages for project siting: Water flows through Pipeline Power Tube unique, lift-based turbine, generating power as the turbine spins. The hydrodynamic turbine has been designed and field-tested to maximize power generation without disrupting the flow of water. As velocities increase, power production increases. Due to the lift-based design of Pipeline Power Tube, the system produces power across a very wide range of flow velocities.


Pipeline Power Tube Power System is a water- to-wire energy recovery solution. Pipeline Power Tube uses a patented, in-pipe turbine generator to capture the energy of fast-moving water inside of large, gravity-fed pipelines, converting it into a continuous source of low-cost electricity. Unlike other renewable energy systems, Pipeline Power Tube produces predictable, base load energy with no environmental impact. The Pipeline Power Tube System can be installed in a day and energy generation can begin in less than a week. This keeps permitting and installation costs low and project returns high. This electricity can be used on-site to power pumps and other devices, to charge storage systems, or to connect to the grid for net metering.




Nano LNG Station


While Cryobox turns LNG into an available and financially convenient source of clean fuel, there are even more benefits. Compared with any other Diesel substitute, LNG has superior energy

denity. This means that a given tank of this fuel will carry you further. For this reason LNG is the most appropriate and cleanest fuel for heavy, long-distance transport such as heavy trucks,

buses, ships, barges, ferries and railroad locomotives, especially when long distances need to be covered and refueling opportunities are scarce.


• Scalability: installation can grow according to demand changes.

• Low operating costs.

• Low power consumption.

• Fully automated operation.

• Remote monitoring through Global SCAOA Galileo control platform.

• Minimal storage.

• Intrinsic safety.

• Minimal noise and vibrations.

• Suitable for overhead installation.




Natural Gas Power Plant


The modular and pre-fabricated Integrated Power Solutions (IPS) concept gives you the benefits of a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective power plant design Whether you need a complete power plant, auxillary power supply or a pumping set, anywhere in the world, we can develop the ideal solution for you. Power plants from 2 MW to 200 MW and beyond can be configured for your application needs. The IPS concept facilitates a decentralized power production conecpt which minimizes transmission and distributuion losses, reduces costs and maximizes power availability.


• Low capital investment cost and short payback time

• Cost efficient maintenance with trained service engineers

• Ensures continuous power supply

• Quick ramp up and ramp down to support grid fluctuations and variable renewables generation

• Ability to locate in remote places to support incomplete grids or in high demand areas such as big cities

• Minimal derating due to variations in temperature, altitude and part load operation

• Ideal for back-up power and grid balancing

• Quick deliver and installation

• High efficiency (beyond 95% with CHP) and low emissions





For our latest Technology Catalog please fill out form.

Our cost-effective, environmentally friendly, renewable energy solutions will satisfy all of your energy needs in any environment worldwide. All of the products in our catalog are patented or patent- pending and have been used in residential and commercial use throughout the world. 

Starseed Technologies can provide you with a completely renewable energy system anywhere in the world through the development of a microgrid. A microgrid is a discrete energy system consisting of distributed energy sources (including demand management, storage, and generation) and loads capable of operating in parallel with, or independently from, the main power grid.